Four Reasons Choosing Powder Coating Over Fresh Paint Can Save You Money

If you've got a fence that needs painting or re-coating, you might be considering the benefits of powder coating over fresh paint. Powder coating is a quick, cost-effective alternative to fresh paint, and may be the way to go as it can save you money. These are four reasons why powder coating can be the more economic choice.  1. With powder coating, there is no wasted product. Left over product means money wasted. Read More 

Optimal Material and Designs for Business Sports League Tournament Trophies

A trophy is designed to be a symbol of your achievement and a reminder of your accomplishment. There are a number of different types of trophies that you can be awarded. The type of trophy often is connected to the contest or accomplishment that you have completed. One of the most common types of trophies are sports competition trophies. Athletics allow for winners to be denoted more easily, which is especially true for the sport of golf. Read More