Top Things a Professional Will Need to Know When Helping You With a Restaurant Kitchen Fitout

If you're getting ready to set up your restaurant kitchen, you might have thought about the benefits of hiring a professional to help you. After all, you might know that a professional restaurant kitchen fitout service can help you maximise the space in your kitchen and make your commercial kitchen look its best. Of course, in order to do a good job, they're going to need the right information. These are some of the top things that a professional will need to know when helping you with your restaurant kitchen fitout. Read More 

5 Advantages of Reusable Pallets

The distribution and logistics industries rely on pallets to help them transport goods. Traditionally, many companies have used disposable pallets, but in today's waste-conscious society, an ever-growing number of organisations are turning to reusable custom pallets. Here are five benefits that you can expect to realise if your company makes the switch. 1. Reusable Custom Pallets Reduce Long-Term Costs Although they cost more upfront, custom pallets are expensive than disposable pallets over the long term. Read More 

The Preferred Method of Waste Oil Disposal Is Recycling It For Re-Use

The incorrect disposal of waste oil, when placed for collection with the general garbage, means that a valuable natural resource will end up in landfills, going to unnecessary waste. Did you know that used oil, sometimes called 'sump oil', can be re-refined and the resulting newly processed oils re-used repeatedly, unlike most materials? The proper disposal and recycling of your used oil by a waste oil recycling facility lessens the need to use virgin crude oil to make new oil products. Read More