Why not choose powdercoating for your next job?

When it comes to applying the final finishing coating to your products you have a range of options available to create a high quality finish. One of the most of popular options is powdercoating. Powder coating is used in industries as diverse as automotive, furniture, and IT. It is possible to powdercoat everything from radiators to window frames, powder can be applied to a range of surfaces. What is it that is making powdercoating so popular in industry today? What are the reasons that powdercoating is proving more popular than paint?

There are a number of advantages that powdercoaring offers that are not available with other types of finish.

Powder puts you in control

Powdercoating offers you far more control than you could get with a conventional painted finish. Powder permits a more uniform finish, and even allows the application of a thicker film if required. Powder comes in a huge range of colours and textures, matt, gloss, satin, etc. You are also able to select functional properties, such as anti corrosion, or anti-bacterial if you require them. Another area of flexibility is the range of surfaces which can be coated. While some finishes only work on one material, powder can be applied to most metals, in addition to glass, and even some mouldings.

Powder is quicker

Powdercoating is a solvent-free process. The powder is supplied ready to use, it doesn't need to be mixed with anything else. The lack of solvent also means that there is no 'flash-off' period needed, items coated by powder can pass directly into the oven. Not only does this approach require less production space, it also saves production time on the shopfloor making the whole production process cheaper overall.

Powdercoating results in lower waste and is better for the environment

The absence of solvents in powder coating means there is much less waste material being discharged into sludge tanks for later disposal. In the event that any powder is oversprayed it is largely recoverable and can be used again, which is great news for the environment. Powder is also safer for operators, compared to other coating systems. Without the harmful solvents in the coating process there is a notable reduction in the amount of throat, mouth, and nose irritation suffered by operators.

These are just a few of the reasons that an increasing number of firms are now opting to use powdercoating on their products rather than a painted finish. Powdercoating is proving to have advantages for everyone, from the machine operators to the final customer. Why not make powder your chosen finish on your next production run?