Custom Design Ideas to Truly Make Your Toy Hauler a Home on the Go

Summer is almost here, and there are lots of different recreational activities that you can take part in. If you are considering going out camping at a holiday park and intend to carry an ATV with you, then you will need to use a toy hauler to transport the vehicle. A toy hauler is essentially a large trailer that can be opened from its rear to allow users to load and transport a large piece of recreational equipment or anything else they may require while they are out touring the beauty of Australia.

While the toy haulers available on the market usually come with standard inclusions, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution to the haulage needs of different users. But you can get a custom-built toy hauler to incorporate any extra features you may require. But first, you will need to think about what matters to you the most. 

Here is a look at some custom features that may be added to your toy hauler to truly turn it into a home on the go.

Interior wall insulation

Summer temperatures can make staying indoors unbearable, and your toy hauler will be no different if it is not properly insulated. If you intend to make sure that the interiors of your toy hauler is comfortable even in hot weather, it is important to have insulation installed on the internal walls of the trailer. This way, you and your family will feel cool while you travel.

Custom furniture

To make your toy hauler truly cosy, you need to make sure it has the right furniture items. The furniture designed for your house or office may be too big to fit inside your toy hauler properly, so it's a good idea to purchase furniture that is tailored to fit into your trailer without wasting precious space. 

Wall-mounted cabinetry

While a toy hauler's open floor design is perhaps the biggest advantage that the trailer has to offer, there are other innovative ways to make the most out of the available storage space. Consider mounting some storage cabinets on the interior walls of your trailer, just like you would do in your kitchen or bathroom. This way, you will have extra space to accommodate your camping supplies.

Retractable awnings

Consider having retractable awnings installed on your toy hauler's windows to help minimise the impact of constant exposure to the sun. Retractable awnings will block excessive solar heat transmission into your trailer, which may lead to uncomfortable indoor temperatures and also cause fading of furniture fabric and other interior furnishings.

Talk to a toy hauler fabricator, such as Absolute Metal Fabrications, today about the specific extras you want your trailer to have. They can fulfill your wish-list without necessarily asking you to break the bank.