3 Home Improvement Projects an Air Compressor Makes Easier

If you are taking on seasonal home improvement projects, you may be looking at using rental equipment. This equipment will not only get the job done, but it may even get the job done faster than normal. Something you should consider is getting an air compressor from an air compressor hire. Here are three home improvement projects that an air compressor makes easier.

Interior Painting

One of the ways you can use an air compressor on a home improvement project is with painting tasks. Air compressors make large area painting tasks quicker and easier. They can also give a more even painting effect similar to spray paint layers. If you have a room that you plan on painting one solid color, then using an air compressor based painting machine can cut your work down significantly leaving more time to do other tasks with the project.

Basement Watersealing

Basement watersealing can be time consuming do to the amount of space to cover and the fact you need to make sure the waterseal is even. You may also have to do several coats of the waterseal in order to ensure the room is properly prepared for any moisture that it may encounter. This is especially true if you leave in an area with high humidity or where your basement walls are cinder block and may became damp to the touch easily. An air compressor based system will help do several layers in the same time you could do one layer with traditional manual sealing methods.

Pressure Washing

Decks, siding, walkways and driveways all need pressure washing at some point. This removes not only dirt and debris, but can also remove oil and stains. You can achieve this cleaning process with the use of an air compressor pressure washer unit. These units range in power and size and can handle tasks from small patios to full home exterior cleaning and debris removal. They can even be used in and around guttering. You can also get generators to help operate the pressure washers if you will be working outside where a power source may not be readily accessible. 

These are only three of the home improvement projects where an air compressor can make things easier. You may also want to consider a generator hire as well as an air compressor hire option if you will be doing outdoor work with the air compressor. Your local equipment hire can help with these contracts and any questions you may have.