Custom Containers: Four Crucial Considerations for Plastic Resin Selection

If you are planning on changing your product packaging, you should think about ordering custom plastic containers for your business from an injection moulding company. In general, custom containers are favourable because they can be part of your brand, allowing your company to stand out among competitors. You can also create a container with specific performance characteristics which will ensure the preservation of your goods and optimal convenience for your customers. However, you should remember that most of the benefits obtained from a container will depend on the chosen fabrication material. If you are ordering custom plastic containers for the first time, consider these critical factors before choosing your manufacturing resin. 

Regulatory Requirements You should check the rules and regulations on plastic containers and packaging in your industry before choosing your fabrication material. There are restrictions and requirements which are imposed on some product containers for the protection of the consumers. Therefore, some industries cannot legally use all types of plastics for the fabrication of packaging bottles, tubs and jars. For example, if you are planning on using your containers for edible products, you must choose a food grade resin for the safety of users. 

Temperature Variations You should consider the maximum and minimum temperature to which your custom containers will be exposed. For accurate results, you should evaluate the conditions in your production and packaging operation. Both the ambient and product temperature should be compatible with the chosen manufacturing resin. In addition, you should think about the environmental temperature during transportation, retail and after purchase. For instance, if the product is intended for refrigeration, the plastic container should be able to withstand low temperatures.

Mechanical Stability The transportation conditions for consumer goods can be harsh on the containers and products. Moreover, your merchandise will be exposed to mechanical stress and pressure during handling procedures in the warehouses and shops. Therefore, you should ensure that the selected plastic container can withstand the rough conditions without sustaining damage. If the packaging is too weak, the container might become deformed or the product might be degraded. 

Chemical Exposure Finally, you should ensure that the plastic resin will not react with the products placed in the containers. This factor is of particular importance if you are planning on using your custom containers to handle materials with corrosive properties. The premature degradation of the polymer will cause significant problems in the future, even if the reaction is slow. Therefore, you should compare the chemical properties of your products with the different resins before making your order.