Portable Goal Posts and Anchoring Accessories You Can Use When Installing Them

A popular saying goes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is important for everyone to make time from their busy schedules and indulge in some recreational activities. Particularly, schoolchildren need time from their demanding classwork to play some games. It relaxes their minds and helps them develop physically. Football is one of the sporting activities that your pupils can engage in. You will need portable goal posts that the pupils can use on different playing turfs. When installing portable goal posts, here are some of the anchoring techniques that you can use:

  • Counterweights

Counterweights (also referred to as sandbags) are the best option for anchoring portable goal posts on an impenetrable ground. The sandbags sit on the rear, left and right side of the goal posts to keep it from moving sideways and backwards. Principally, general safety standards require you to replace any torn or split sandbags for optimal counterbalance. Moreover, the weight of the sandbags should be equal to the weight of the goal post to prevent it from toppling over and injuring someone.

  • J-Hook Stake Anchors

Just as the name suggests, J-hook stake anchors have straight steel sections with a curved section on one end. The curved end grabs onto the portable goal post while the longitudinal end penetrates the ground to offer the support needed. Certainly, J-hook stakes are very easy to use. When you need to change the location of the goal post, unplug the anchor from the ground, carry the goal post and hammer the stakes into the ground at the new location. They also have an advantage over other anchoring methods because you don't need to dig deep into the ground when using them.

  • Auger Style Anchors

Auger style anchors have a helical shape. They also need anchoring into the ground to offer optimal support to the goal post. You have to position flanges on the side and rear bars of the goal post then secure them firmly into the ground. Ideally, you should have two auger style anchors on the side and rear bars. However, heavier goal posts may require more than two augers. Soil conditions and manufacturer specifications are other adequate grounds for using more than two augers.

When buying portable goal posts, it is elemental to consult with the manufacturer and find the best way method to support the post. Quality anchors are mandatory for the safety of the children.