5 Advantages of Reusable Pallets

The distribution and logistics industries rely on pallets to help them transport goods. Traditionally, many companies have used disposable pallets, but in today's waste-conscious society, an ever-growing number of organisations are turning to reusable custom pallets. Here are five benefits that you can expect to realise if your company makes the switch.

1. Reusable Custom Pallets Reduce Long-Term Costs

Although they cost more upfront, custom pallets are expensive than disposable pallets over the long term. Disposable pallets are made from cheap materials that quickly lose functionality, which means that they need to be replaced very often. Custom pallets are made from high-quality materials that are capable of maintaining their load capacity after a large number of uses.

2. Reusable Custom Pallets Are More Convenient

Custom pallets are perfectly designed to fit the job for which they are intended, whereas cheap disposable pallets are general purpose and not necessarily a great fit for your product. If you know you will need to transport them when they are empty as well as when they are full, you can purchase custom pallets that are nestable to reduce transport costs and increase convenience on return journeys.

3. Reusable Custom Pallets Protect Workers

Disposable pallets are not made to a high standard, which means that they often have rough or splintery edges. Workers can easily cut or graze themselves on these edges or even suffer an injury from a protruding nail. Custom pallets have a much higher production quality, which means that they are free from rough edges and other hazards that could put your workers at risk.

4. Reusable Custom Pallets Protect the Environment

The transport of goods generates huge amounts of pollution, both in the form of carbon dioxide from fuel usage as well as solid waste. You can reduce the amount of waste that your company generates by opting for reusable custom pallets that last for many years, rather than disposable pallets that have to be thrown away after just a few uses.

5. Reusable Custom Pallets Can Look Better

When you order custom pallets, you have control over the way they look. For example, you can choose pallets that feature your company logo or that match your brand's colours. If you want to create a consistent brand image for all aspects of your company, including transport and distribution, then reusable custom pallets are the way to go.

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