Different Applications of Powder Coating You Should Know

Powder coating technique has been around since the archaic periods. It is a method used to coat metals such as aluminium mainly to attain a proper and attractive finish. It is very economical and eco-friendly, which makes it ideal for use in various industries such as pharmaceutical, automobile, construction and consumer product industries. Unlike traditional painting, it is also cost-effective and protects products from rust. Here are some of the common applications of powder coating

Automobile Industry 

Powder coating is rather common in the automotive industry. It is not only used to coat wheels, door handles and hub caps, but it is also used to decorate the automobile. It is aimed at keeping the automobile's body free from rust and corrosion. It is also applied on engine radiators and filters within the automobile. 

Construction Industry 

Powder coating is used widely in this field. Products that are coated with powder are durable and at the same time very attractive. It provides a great finish on your gates, windows or even more balconies. If you have lawn furniture, ensure that they are coated with powder to avoid rusting during harsh weather. 

Consumer Product Industry

Some of the products that you use every other day have a powder coating. These products range from furniture, ski poles and bikes, among others. At times, even the mechanical pencils you use have this coating. This means that products that are powder coated are everywhere around you. 

Home appliances 

Refrigerators can be prone to rusting due to extremely low temperatures. This is because rusting occurs when moisture and oxygen are in contact with metal. Powder coating is always used to coat the front and side panels of refrigerators to keep the rust away. It is also used to cover the front panels of appliances such as stoves and water heaters. 

Football Helmets

Football helmets can be fragile if not coated with the right material. This could also mean that the player is at risk in case of an accident. However, powder coating has revolutionised the game of football by providing very strong and durable helmets that are not easily broken. 

A factor that renders powder coating very efficient to use is that it does not pollute the environment like normal paints. Its recyclable ability also makes it very convenient for use in a wide range of industries. Powder coating enhances the appearance of an object since it is not prone to chipping or flaking, and it is available in various colours.