Considerations to Make When Designing, Constructing and Installing Mining Structures

The mining industry requires various mining structures to get built for different purposes such as warehousing equipment, staff quarters, administration offices, etc. Thus, whether it's constructing mining structures for a new site or adding special structures to an existing site it is essential to make certain considerations before embarking on the project. The concerns typically revolve around, delivery of materials, designs of the structures, types of mining involved as well as the budget for the construction.

•    Materials

Mining structures require various materials consisting of metals such as steel, iron aluminum, and concrete. It is essential to understand that these materials have to get procured in bulk so as to get sufficient materials for mega structures such as cranes, rigs, rails, etc. Thus to minimize the cost of acquiring the materials, it is advisable to transact directly with a manufacturer as opposed to vendors. However, you can utilize various suppliers provided their quotes are within the range you are willing to spend. Alternatively, you can consider buying prefabricated mining structures to minimize the construction costs.

•    Designs of the mining structure

Mining structures require getting plans for their intended use as well the type of mining involved. Thus, it is essential to look for architects as well as structural engineers to cater for the designs as well as overseeing the construction work. However, there is a growing trend where mining companies are purchasing pre-engineered mining structures that are easy to erect or install to already existing structures. Using pre-engineered mining structures is quite efficient because they are easy to transport and they require minimally skilled labor to assemble.

•    Type of mining

There are typically three types of mining methods: surface mining, underground mining and ocean floor/underwater mining. Each type of mining requires a different kind of mining structures compatible with the method of mining. For instance, the rigs used in the ocean floor mining defer from the platforms used in surface mining. Thus whether you intend to design and construct or purchase pre-engineered mining structures, it is essential to ensure they are compatible with the method of mining involved.

•    Location of individual mining structure

Every mining structure serves a different purpose from its counterparts. Thus it is essential to do adequate planning for where each structure will get erected. Some structures need to be constructed near the dig site while others are better of constructed away from where the action is. For instance, processing facilities should get built near the dig site so as to minimize the effort and cost of transporting the raw materials whereas structures such as administration offices and boarding facilities should get located further away from the dig site.