Four Reasons Choosing Powder Coating Over Fresh Paint Can Save You Money

If you've got a fence that needs painting or re-coating, you might be considering the benefits of powder coating over fresh paint. Powder coating is a quick, cost-effective alternative to fresh paint, and may be the way to go as it can save you money. These are four reasons why powder coating can be the more economic choice. 

1. With powder coating, there is no wasted product.

Left over product means money wasted. When compared with fresh paint, powder coating is up to 40% more efficient. Fresh paint leaks and drips, and that product is lost. With powder coating, any product which is left over remains in a solid state and can be kept and reused.

2. Powder coating is more durable than fresh paint.

The less retouching and repainting you need to do, the more money you can save. When compared to fresh paint, powder coating is more weather resistant, has a greater resistance to solvents, UV rays, and -- if you live near the ocean -- is 74% more resistant to sea salt than fresh paint. Powder coating finishes hold their color for longer than fresh paint, meaning colors will stay brighter and fresher for much longer, needing less re-coats. 

3. Powder coating helps protect your fence in the long run.

The longer your fence lasts without needing renovations or replacements, the more money you can save. Rusty fences can be not only unsightly, but also dangerous, and replacing or fixing a fence can be expensive. Powder coating helps to protect your fence from rusting and corrosion, as well as fungus and algae, which will save you money that may have gone towards repairs and cleaning or even total replacements. 

4. Powder coating is quicker, which saves the cost of labor.

It is quicker to use powder coating over fresh paint. Fresh paints use solvents, which have a much longer drying time. Powder coating is baked in an oven and the process is quick and easy, with the coat drying almost instantly once removed. There is no time or cost spent on extra coats, waiting for fresh paint to dry, or worrying about streaking. The result is smooth and even on the first go, which means no extra paint, or time spent on labor, is needed.

Because powder coating is so fast, durable, and economic, it could be the better choice over fresh paint for coating your fence.