Optimal Material and Designs for Business Sports League Tournament Trophies

A trophy is designed to be a symbol of your achievement and a reminder of your accomplishment. There are a number of different types of trophies that you can be awarded. The type of trophy often is connected to the contest or accomplishment that you have completed. One of the most common types of trophies are sports competition trophies. Athletics allow for winners to be denoted more easily, which is especially true for the sport of golf. Business leagues that are holding golf tournaments have the ability to choose a trophy that is affordable, but also visually appealing. It all comes down to choosing the right material and design options.

Materials and Cost

When you think of materials that trophies can be made from, most people automatically associate trophies with precious metals. The most popular trophies that you can think of are designed to look expensive and many assume that they are made from precious metals like sliver or bronze. However, most trophies are actually made from natural materials that are much more affordable than precious metals. Precious metals might be what medals during the Olympics are made from, but most trophies are made from alternative materials. Since trophies are large in size, they are often made using materials that do not come attached with a high cost.

The materials trophies are predominantly made of include plastic, resin and wood. Marble is also a popular material that the bases of trophies are often constructed from. However, in order to keep costs low, most trophies are made primarily from plastic. The size of the trophy will typically be the determining factor in the material that is used. Larger trophies are made using plastic and smaller trophies can be made using slightly more expensive materials. It is possible to have a large trophy manufactured for your business league sports tournament if you choose plastic as the trophy material of choice.

Design Options

Not every trophy looks the same, and many are made to look more personalised and original. The overall design of any trophy is not to be one piece. There are actually multiple components that are combined together to create a trophy. This includes the base, the column, the riser and the figurine. The base is what offers support to the trophy and the column is the vertical piece that is attached to the trophy. The riser is similar to the column, but is the decoration that separates the base from the column. The figurine is what sits atop the trophy and is often connected to the event that the trophy is meant to signify. A trophy that looks most professional will have all of these design elements included.